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Turn to MIIA EAP for management consultation, management referrals, crisis intervention, trainings and creative ideas for any workplace challenge. Contact MIIA EAP today at (800) 451-1834 for assistance with any HR or management needs.

To enroll your MIIA member group to receive EAP services, complete the EAP enrollment form.

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EAP MIIA Rewards Training List

MIIA Rewards Training List includes seminars and trainings for employees and/or supervisors.  They are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length and can be adapted to meet your specific needs. MIIA Rewards Credits only apply to Property & Casualty Program.

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For further information about the MIIA EAP program, contact either:

Lin Chabra (MIIA) – (617) 838-5941 – [email protected] 

Mary Harrington (MIIA) – (617) 426-7272 x278 – [email protected]

Michael Stuart (AllOne Health) – (508) 650-6841 – [email protected]