Mental Health Counseling

When overwhelmed with personal, school or life stressors, counseling can be a lifesaver. Our master’s level counselors are here to support you.

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Student/Life Resources

Navigating the practical challenges of life, while handling demands of school can be stressful. Get referral services & consultation to assist with gaining resolution to everyday hurdles.

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Student Assistance Program by AllOne Health (800) 756-3124

A program provided by your school that is available to you and your household members  offering access to confidential, live, in-the-moment support, 24/7/365. Support and services include:

Live, Immediate Assistance

Call toll-free, 24/7: (800) 756-3124. Schedule face-to-face, phone, video, text or chat assistance with professionals that’s private, confidential and at no cost to you or your household members.

Mental Health Counseling

When overwhelmed with personal, school or life stressors, mental health counseling can be a lifesaver. Our licensed master’s level counselors support you and your household members through difficult times providing confidential assistance. HELP WITH: Family Conflict, Couples/Relationships, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and more.

School/Life Resources

Navigating the practical challenges of life, while handling the demands of school can be stressful. School/Life resources and referral services are designed to provide knowledgeable consultation and customized guidance to assist with gaining resolution to everyday hurdles. RESOURCES INCLUDE: Adoption, Elder/Adult Care, Parenting, Child Care, Medical Advocacy, Special Needs Support, Wellness, Time Management and more.

Legal/Financial Resources

Legal and Financial resources and referrals are available to connect you with experienced, vetted professionals. RESOURCES INCLUDE: Budgeting, Estate Planning/Wills, Divorce/Custody, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury/Malpractice, Major Life Event Planning, ID Theft and more.

Student Portal & App

You can also access services through our student portal and mobile app with phone, chat, text and video access.  Also take advantage of thousands of up-to-date topic related articles, videos, webinars, checklists and more on subjects including Financial and Legal, Family, Education, Health, Wellness, Career, Military, Everyday Living and more. Your institution code is needed to create your account the first time.  Simply call (800) 756-3124. Click Here to create your account or login.

Life Coaching

Achieve your personal and professional goals by engaging in life coaching. Our life coaches act as an accountability partner and can assist you in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. COACHES HELP WITH: Life Transitions, Work/Life Balance, Goal Setting, Improving Relationships, and more.

Student Orientation

Student Portal Introduction

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You will need your institution code to create your account. Simply call (800) 756-3124.

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Health & Lifestyle Assessments

Our surveys are designed to provide you with a quick assessment on financial, health and addiction issues and provide you with targeted resources and information based on your results.

Interactive Checklists

Provide you with a useful way to track your progress on health issues, sleep, relationships and everyday issues.

Our Calendar

Browse and register for upcoming events like webinars and online training sessions.

Soft Skills Courses

We offer a wide range of free integrated online courses designed for soft skills development including: Increasing Your Happiness, Time Management Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Goal Setting and Getting Things Done & more…

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy discounts, rewards and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories from travel, restaurants, local shopping, health and wellness, hotels and more.

Resource Locators

Our locators instantly give you access to over a million providers focused on childcare, education, aging, medical & health, and more.

Your Student Assistance Program is part of the AllOne Health Family of Assistance Programs.

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Please note: Certain professional treatment services, such as medical care, psychiatric service, long-term counseling/psychotherapy or testing are not included.  In the event that such services are needed, refer to your health care plan for an explanation of covered services.  If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation, please call 911 or immediately go to an emergency room.